“We match Job Seekers profiles to Client’s request!”

“We match Job Seekers profiles to Client’s request!”

The right job

As a job seeker finding a future job it has to be the right job. With a passion for creating the right and correct match, between a job seeker and his future job, we started our business. So as no other in the employment business we understand you totally, because once we were also jobseekers. With this experience and our professional know-how in the industry we can assure you that Employment Solutions is the improvement for you and your career!

We are also the agency in the offshore industry if you are a young professional with one or a few years of experience. With a growing market in the offshore industry, now and in the nearby future, we would like to meet with you.

Types of staffing

Temporary staff is the most flexible solution for the employer. As a good employer, you want to offer the employee security. With recruitment, we offer a combination of flexibility and security. For an agreed period or, for example for the duration of a project. In this way we ensure the company the knowledge and capacity for a project. During the recruitment period Employment solutions takes care of all re
lated payroll activities. The candidates are experienced and Employment Solutions takes care for the required guidance. In this way the new employer can be employed efficiently.

When there are changes in staffing, the questions always arise: how are we going to find a replacement? Where are we going to find the replacement? Will the replacement be just as good? Employment Solutions offers the guidance in the process of search and selection of the ideal candidate. Starting from the search of potential candidates, the selection of the candidate until employment within the company. We aim for a cost efficient solution and a fast process to avoid any stagnation within your company.

Employment Solutions offers also the option to work with professionals who are active as contractors. Working with contractors offers also the advantages that you are working with experienced people, these professionals can be employed for temporary projects. In the event that project can’t be continued, the contract with the professional can be ended without any costs or any overdue processes.

With the experience in the offshore, over the years, our expertise has extended into many sectors. We can deliver jobs for specialists from project management, engineering, supporting staff, drawing offices and much more. With this and our wide network we are able to respond to your wishes within a short timeframe.

Our recruitment team is ready to help you


Likewise, Employment Solutions believes in sustainability. During your employment, we offer you the right treatment. Therefore we endeavor to a proper guidance and support, where needed, on the job. Your development and growth with Employment Solutions can offer you more possibilities and is the right way to ensure your career within the offshore world.

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