Clients trust is in our experience and expertise”

Clients trust is in our experience and expertise”

Clients of Employment Solutions

Within Employment Solutions you are our client and the one our attention is focused on. Our experience tells us that finding specific resources and employing the right people require great expertise and a solid networked team. Fortunately, the consultants of Employment Solutions have a strong reputation for managing these skills and deliver great service. Trust on our experience and expertise.

“We are all about communication, service and flexibility. Backed by great people who love to do what they do, making recruitment a whole lot easier and you, as our client, more successful.”

  • Project Management
  • Engineering
  • Drawing office
  • Planning/Project Control
  • Supporting Staff
  • QA/QC
  • QSHE Management
  • Procurement
  • Logistics

Within Employment Solutions we strongly rely on our highly developed network. Therefore we can deliver you all sorts of quality professionals across a number of departments. .

Benefits for Clients

  • When OESL is used it is ensured a competent person with a track record will be selected and presented;
  • OESL has the professional knowledge of the candidate requirements to work in various types of organizations;
  • No recruitment sites with over ambitioned CVs are required to be searched;
  • OESL has the expertise, experience and is effective.
  • To add more workers for a short term increase in the workforce;
  • Using temporary employees allows companies to replace a missing regular employee;
  • A temporary employees competency and value can be determined without the inflexibility of hiring a new person and seeing how they work out;
  • A way of not having to pay benefits and the increased salaries of a regular employees;
  • The effects of coercing regular employees into taking more work for less pay;
  • Fast, service, corporation, communication, transparent.
  • Company can dress out HR department and use department heads for candidate profiling (no headhunting required);
  • Pre-selection of potential candidates is done which minimizes the tasks for the HR department;
  • Company doesn’t have to recruit by its self;
  • We have the expertise to fit a candidate in the color of the organization;
  • We have a big network of potential candidates;
  • We know the work tasks to fit the candidate.

Everyday we interview many JobSeekers, who are looking for new opportunities. To bring JobSeekers closer to Clients we post summaries of available Candidates on our website.

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