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Hello, My name is Ruben van Ooijen. I’m founder of Offshore & Employment Solutions. As I’m working in the Offshore since 2001. My expertise in the Offshore ranges from drafting level until management level. I started as draftsman and saw the possibilities in the Offshore. I gained my Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering and worked as Installation Engineer for Allseas. When I had enough expertise I started to be Self-employed and worked for several established Offshore Companies like Heerema, Seatrucks, Visser&Smit Marine Contracting, Jumbo Offshore and MRTS (Russian company working for Gazprom Projects).

As I have been working for these Offshore Companies I have found out that there is always a need of competent personnel with expertise. As we have a background and network in the Offshore Industry we are able to pinpoint the pain of the Client and to fill in the need. This can be either by executing in-house projects or supply with competent personnel. As mentioned we have built a big network and in our network and database we have many competent candidates which can be employed at Client Office and Clients who offers employment.